How to resolve SQL Corruption 'Database Error'?

SQL database are prominent management system which allows the user to store data on networked file server. They are used widely by companies to manage their business needs; however, corruption issues still persist. Reason being, there are plethora of physical and logical problems which a SQL data server can face in routine. Herein, we will discuss a frequent SQL database error and its resolution.

MS SQL databases files can be divided into multiple PFS (Page Free Space) intervals; these are 64MB in size. Also the PFS page comprise of a byte-map, it stores one byte for every page in the PFS interval. Any sort of corruption in PFS page might result in damaging stored bytes which can make entire database inaccessible for users.

This situation is due to several logical and physical errors. Considering the following error message which is displayed when a user tries to mount the SQL database:

"Database error: Page P_ID1 is marked with the wrong type in PFS page P_ID2. PFS status 0xVAL1 expected 0xVAL2."

This above error makes the entire stored records inaccessible for its users. Moreover, users may stick with corrupt SQL database which not only cause delay in their important work but also pose data loss condition.

Possible causes for the error:

This error is caused when the bits are not set properly:

PFS_IS_IAM_PG (0x10)



The damage in PFS files can be due to logical or physical reasons. However, there are several methods devised to overcome this troublesome situation

Comply with the following resolution:

If the above error is caused to physical errors it is recommended to change the system component with a new one. But if you are facing error to due logical reasons, it is advisable to run the DBCC CHECKDB, with a clause.

Despite of considering the above manual method if the data inconsistency issues still exists; it’s time to opt for SQL database recovery tool. There are eminent third party utilities available to make the recovery process easier and authentic. Whenever manual method fails to recover the issues third party SQL Database Repair utility is a preferred choice for users.

SQL Database Recovery Tool is devised to recover data from damaged SQL databases. The tool boost powerful QFSCI algorithm, hence, each and every error can be retrieved with ease. If you are perplexed about making use of repair tool efficiently, there is no worry; the tool embeds a user-friendly interface so that user does not require having a technical background.

The free to download evaluation version of SQL Recovery Tool is also available. This allows the user to analyze in-depth working and outcome of the tool with ease. However, the demo version has certain limitations, to access entire recovered items users have to make purchase for complete version of Repair SQL tool. The supported versions by the tool for recovery process are MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 and 2000.

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